Formation Team Rehearsals

Due to the Wednesday competitive session beginning earlier in the morning starting in 2018, all formation team rehearsals in the Marriott Center must be done on Tuesday, March 6th.  Any formation team that does not schedule and have their rehearsal on Tuesday night will forfeit their opportunity to have a rehearsal in the tournament facility.

If a team forfeits their rehearsal time on Tuesday night then they must send a link to a video that will allow the organizers to invigilate the team's routine.  All formation teams must pass an invigilation process before their entry is accepted. If a formation team is unable to attend Tuesday nights rehearsal they must follow the alternative procedure noted below.

1. Submit a video link of the team dancing their entire routine with music, including walk on and walk off. Film a wide view so that the entire team can be seen at all times.
2. The video link must be submitted no later than one week prior to the event to
3. You will be notified if your routine passes the invigilation.  Any concerns noted by the invigilator must be corrected and new video link must be sent showing the correction.
4. Costume approval: submit a separate link showing one couple in the costume that will be used.  identify the category and studio.  Show front, back and side for both the boys and girls costume.

All teams will be monitored during the competition to ensure that their routines are the same as presented duirng the Tuesday night rehearsal or on the submitted video. Any infraction could result in disqualification.