COVID-19 Information

Any individual, competitor or spectator, with COVID-19 related symptoms should not enter the high school at any time.
Six feet of physical distancing between household groups at all times (competitors are exempt).
Attendees and spectators must always wear face masks unless on the dance floor as a competitor, or while eating or drinking.  Competitors may keep their masks on while dancing if they wish.
Competitors will need to keep their masks on in the on-deck area until they are ready to go onto the dance floor.
All officials must wear face masks while not eating or drinking, with the exception of the Emcee.
No community water stations - individuals should bring their own bottled water and not share.
Hand sanitizer will be provided at entrances to the venue, in the on-deck area, and at entrances to dressing rooms.
A limited supply of masks will be available from the organizers for individuals who may lose theirs while at the event.
Front row tables will be separated according to family groups.
Couples are not required to use the on-deck area, but if they do not us the on-deck area they will be responsible to get themselves onto the dance floor in the correct events and heats.  Organizers are not responsible if a couple misses their heat or event in this case.
Couples who choose to use the on-deck area will be lined up with maximum possible spacing between couples.
Award presenters will use hand sanitizer just prior to walking onto the floor to give out awards.  No handshakes or hugs, etc will be allowed during the award presentations.
Those individuals who give out competitor numbers will wear gloves to minimize transmission.

All attendees should purchase their admission tickets online prior to arriving at the event so that ticketing and admission can be "touchless".