BYU Ballroom Dance Program

Brigham Young Universtiy is a private educational institution that is sponsored by the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

The Ballroom Dance Program at BYU offers a robust techincal and performance training curriculum. This comprehensive program resides within the Dance Department at Brigham Young University and is the largest of its kind in the world. Over 60 classes are taught each semester in both International style ballroom and Latin as well as American social dance. Students at the university have embraced partner dancing and see it as a diversion from the rigors of their studies. It is of interest to note that over four thousand students take some type of ballroom dance class each year at the university.

In addition to technique classes, the BYU Ballroom Dance Division has developed a unique performance program known as the BYU Ballroom Dance Company. This company has five seperate teams of 16 couples each.  Students audition and are placed on a team according to their skill.  Our top tier team is known as the BYU Ballroom Dance Touring Company. This company has traveled to over 35 different countries presenting their theatrical 90 minute production to literally hundrends of thousands of people. The BYU Ballroom Dance Touring Company is the nations undefeated champions since 1982 and hold several British formation titles.