BYU Class Events & School Syllabus Events

In addition to the NDCA sanctioned competitions, Brigham Young University will be offering non-sanctioned educational events.  Students who dance in the BYU class events, and the educational school events (black and white attire), are not required to register with the NDCA.  Additional requirements for the BYU Class Events are found on that entry form available through the university.  The following requirements will apply only to the School Syllabus events.

1. School Syllabus competitions are restricted to the syllabi listed in Appendix I of the NDCA rule book. American style events are limited to the bronze and silver American Style figures, elements and restrictions. International style events are limited to the bronze, silver, and gold International Style figures.
2. "Newcomer" competitors remain eligible for this category until they have placed in any previous Newcomer final held in conjunction with any NDCA sanctioned event, provided a quarter-final was danced. Competitors who lose their eligibility will become eligible once again when they move up to the next school age level.
3. "Newcomer" competitors may not also enter any "open" events in any style.
4. Competitors entered in "School Syllabus" events may not enter "open" events in the same style.
5. Elementary School competitors may dance up into the Junior High School category. Junior High School competitors may dance up into the High School category. Elementary School competitors may not dance up into the High School category. Competitors in these categories may not dance down to a category lower than their school category.
6. "School Syllabus" competitors may not compete in any sanctioned Pre-Teen, Junior, Youth, Under 21, or Adult events in the same style.