Junior Blackpool Dance Festival Team Match Couples

Representative couples for the Junior Blackpool Dance Festival Team Matches (Juvenile & Junior) will be determined by the results of the U.S. National Pre-Teen II and U.S. National Junior II championships in both Ballroom and Latin.  Since the closing date for the Junior Blackpool Dance Festival is in February each year, the representative couples for the USA will be selected from the previous year's U.S. National Championships.   Only couples who are still eligible for the age classifications in which they placed the previous year in Provo will be eligible to represent the USA in the team matches at Blackpool.  If necessary couples who placed in the final of the Pre-Teen I or Junior I National Championships may be invited to be in the team matches.

Couples who are selected for a team match are required to also compete individually in the Junior Blackpool Dance Festival.  No travel allowances or other financial support will be extended to USA couples who are invited to dance in the Junior Blackpool team matches.