Organizer's note: any complaints regarding an individual or couple who may not be eligible will NOT be considered unless received prior to March 11, 2024

1. A competitor is eligible to dance in the “Syllabus”, “Novice” and/or “Pre-Championship” proficiency classifications until they accumulate three proficiency points.  There is no limit to the number of proficiency points that may be accumulated in the “Open Amateur” level.
2. Proficiency points in one age division do not count or apply in any way towards ineligibility in another age division.
3. A competitor receives one point when they either a) place first in their current classification when a quarter-final was danced, or b) dance in the final of a higher proficiency event where a quarter-final was danced.
4. In the “Syllabus” categories proficiency points should be accumulated independently for each dance.
5. The eligibility to compete in a classification is applied to individual amateur competitors and not the couple as an entity.
6. An amateur couple is only eligible to compete in a classification if both members of the couple are eligible.
7. An amateur competitor’s eligibility is based on his/her accomplishments regardless of the number or length of partnerships they have had.
8. It is the responsibility of all amateur competitors to ensure that they are eligible for the category in which they desire to dance.
9. An amateur competitor may enter at most two consecutive proficiency classifications in any particular style and age group at a particular competition.
10. An amateur competitor’s ineligibility begins at the conclusion of the competition in which his/her third point was acquired.  In this case the word “competition” refers to the entire event (generally a “weekend”).
11. An amateur competitor’s proficiency level as a Pro/Am shall not be used in determining his/her amateur proficiency level.